Wills and Probate

Many of us do not know what happens when a person dies and no Will has been made. For instance, if no Will is made then a surviving spouse does not necessarily inherit everything, likewise an unmarried partner does not have automatic entitlement. It is therefore extremely important to make a Will so that when you pass away, the people you love are not left with the headache of trying to sort out your Estate.

We offer a very personal service for the making of Wills, these include home visits if required at a time suitable to you. We also offer a reduced fee for ‘mirror Wills’ and if more information is required please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Wills are often challenged whether it be as to their validity or as to the terms of the Will. We have considerable experience in assisting Executors, Beneficiaries and those omitted from a Will in resolving such difficult disputes.

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Our first priority is to provide our clients with the advice and reassurance they seek at a fair price in an open and transparent manner.

From domestic conveyancing to accident and personal injury compensation claims, we have all the ability and experience that you will require.

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