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We realise that divorce can be a highly emotional time especially if there are children involved and we aim to provide a sympathetic and understanding service for you. We try not to use legal jargon when communicating with you, so that you can understand at a glance the stage at which your divorce is at. We strive to obtain the best outcome possible and to make you feel at ease when speaking to us about your marital problems.

Civil Partnership

The Civil Partnership Act,2004 has been ground breaking in the UK, making such partnerships legal rights on par with those enjoyed by heterosexual married couples. We can advise on civil partnership and the requirements thereto.

We can also advise on dissolution of a civil partnership.

Separation Agreements / Cohabitation Agreements

There are many reasons that some couples do not wish to dissolve their marriage simply because they have separated. However, you may wish to formalise any agreements that you have made with each other, for example, in respect of the children or financial matters. We can advise you in relation to a Separation Agreement, also known as a Deed of Separation. We can explain to you in depth the advantages and disadvantages involved.

We also offer advice and assistance in relation to Cohabitation Agreements. People often mistakenly think that couples who have been living together for some considerable time are ‘common law’ husband and wives. However, there is no such legal status in the UK. The law refers to ‘cohabitation’ rather than ‘common law’ or ‘living together’. We are here to advise you on cohabitation issues and to explain where you stand legally and how a court would view your arrangement. Cohabitation Agreements are becoming increasingly popular in view of the amount of couples now choosing this way of life, and wish to protect their individual assets and income in case of later separation. Such an Agreement can include, who owns what at the onset of cohabitation; who will be responsible for mortgage and other payments etc. The Agreement can also include provision in case of separation.

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Our first priority is to provide our clients with the advice and reassurance they seek at a fair price in an open and transparent manner.

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