Civil Disputes and Litigation

In all walks of life whether it be personal or professional people often become involved in difficult and complicated disputes whether it be of a major or minor matter in terms of money but always of importance to those in dispute.

Over 30 years we have acquired considerable experience of dealing with high value, High Court litigation involving hundreds of thousands of pounds to much smaller disputes in the County Court whether it be a debt claim, a Contract Dispute, professional negligence, landlord and tenant, neighbour disputes, property and boundary disputes. We will assist you in resolving these disputes whether it be on amicable terms or taking you through the whole Court process.

services overview

Our first priority is to provide our clients with the advice and reassurance they seek at a fair price in an open and transparent manner.

From domestic conveyancing to accident and personal injury compensation claims, we have all the ability and experience that you will require.

We hope that you will choose us to be your professional partner for all your legal needs.